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WSP Deployment:
 Run the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell Console which should be located in the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products folder of your start menu. 
This automatically loads the Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell snappin so that we can execute SharePoint commands (Remember to use "Run as administrator)
Use the following PowerShell commands for deployment:
1) To add the farm solution use the following"Add-SPSolution" command
Add-SPSolution “C:\<Path to My WSPs>\Obilogic.jqPicLibWebParts.wsp“


2) To install the solution use the following "Install-SPSolution" command 
(These are currently Visual Web Parts, and so unfortunately require deployment to the GAC)
Install-SPSolution –Identity Obilogic.jqPicLibWebParts.wsp –WebApplication http://<MySPwebapp> -GACDeployment


3) To enable the site collection features use the "Enable-SPFeature" command
(these can also be activate/deactivated via the GUI http://<MySPwebapp>/_layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx?Scope=Site)
Enable-SPFeature –Identity "Obilogic.jqPicLibWebParts_wpImgSlide" –url http://<MySPwebapp>
Enable-SPFeature –Identity "Obilogic.jqPicLibWebParts_wpImgZoomExpand" –url http://<MySPwebapp>
Enable-SPFeature –Identity "Obilogic.jqPicLibWebParts_wpImgZoomCap" –url http://<MySPwebapp>

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